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Unexpected end


Trying to access a instance property always gives an "Unexpected end." using v2.0 / latest svn code.
class Person
    public string Name { get; set; } = "Hello world";

Person person = new Person();
ExprParser ep = new ExprParser();
// ep.ParameterType["person"] = person.GetType();
// ep.ParameterValue["person"] = person;

LambdaExpression lambda = ep.Parse("(person) => Console.WriteLine(person.Name);");
ep.Run(lambda, person);
Additional tests:
  • Using the ParameterType and ParameterValue properties raises an "Incorrect parameter declaration." Exception.
  • Providing the lambda as "(Person person) => Console.WriteLine(person.Name);" raises an "Unexpected token(person) at: 9." Exception.
Any ideas? Looks like a parser issue to me